Yogas in vedic astrology in hindi

The 2nd house represents wealth, 11th house represents flow of wealth, 5th house represents profit, 9th house represents unexpected and sudden profits. Primary and the strongest houses are 2nd and 11th while in next step comes 5th and 9th which are the habitats of Goddess Lakshami creates good wealth and accumulation of money by forming Dhana Yoga. Following are the effects which are the outcomes of the formation of Jupiter either with Rahu or Ketu.

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Role and Importance of Saturn in Astrology

What is Dhana Yoga? General Traits A wealthy person knows the meaning of accuracy. He will be systematic and punctual. He will be confident and high on energy. He will take risk without going impulsive. These characteristics can go vice-a-versa if the conditions are not benefic. The 2nd house manage all the matters related to money.

Danda Yoga

It is responsible for the source of earning but also includes greed. The 5th house shows the records of the native. His luck in wealth. His luck in gambling. His love affairs etc. The level of wealth he will be able to gain. The 9th house shows the native interest in spirituality and religion. The house shows the level of education and career. The 11th house shows the native's humanity.

His projects, his friends, his occupation etc. Positive Effects The native will be wealthier than his parents if the lord of the ascendant is in the 10th house.

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The native will earn great wealth from business if 7th house has Mars or Saturn and 11th house with any planet except Ketu. The native will earn in foreign if Ketu is placed in the 11th house.

SARASWATI YOG Hindi Vedic astrology

The native will be rich with his hard-work and efforts if the Lord of 2nd is in 8th house. The native will prosper if the Mercury is in Cancer or Aries. Then it is said that the first thing an astrologer needs, is a good memory. During this course, we shall discuss a number of yogas. Studying a horoscope for the presence of yogas presents an astrologer with new dimensions in horoscope interpretation.

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When you analyse a horoscope for the presence of yogas, as discussed below, you will quickly obtain insight into the principle components of a horoscope. Pancha mahapurusha yogas are yogas that are easy to find in a horoscope. To begin our analysis for this group of yogas, we note the position of the ascendant and the Moon. The Moon is an exceptionally important planet in Indian astrology, and for this reason, we can use the sign the Moon is in as an alternative ascendant.

For instance, if we say that a certain planet must be placed in a kendra house to be considered as a planet making a yoga, the kendra house is calculated from either the ascendant or from the sign the Moon is in. Example: We have a Moon placed in the fifth house. Kendra houses calculated from the ascendant are the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses. Kendra houses calculated from the Moon in this example, are the fifth first house calculated from the Moon , eighth fourth house calculated from the Moon , eleventh seventh house calculated from the Moon and the second tenth house calculated from the Moon houses.

The most generally occurring scissors yoga is when two benefics or malifics enclose a planet or a house. Two malefics enclose Venus. Therefore, Venus will not be able to function optimally. In Western horary astrology, we know the term enclosed, which is used when a planet in enclosed by two malefics. In Indian astrology, the term enclosed is used for containment in a negative sense, and also for containment with positive consequences. This is shubha kartari yoga. Example: Mars is in the fourth house, the fifth house is empty and Saturn is in the sixth house.

This can have awkward consequences for the children, because two malefics enclose the fifth house. In this case, the fifth house encounters a papa kartari yoga. However, when Venus is in the fourth house and Jupiter in the sixth house, everything pertaining to the fifth house will be beneficially influenced. In this situation, the fifth house is strengthened by the occurrence of a shubka kartari yoga.

This type of scissors yoga is common. When the first house is enclosed, it is of particular importance. This is because the first house is so important. One could say that the first house is the horoscope in miniature. In Gandhi's horoscope we can see that the first house is enclosed by the Sun malefic in the twelfth house and Saturn malefic in the second house.

This is a papa kartari yoga, which caused a certain number of problems in his life. Gandhi had Kemadruma yoga in his horoscope, because there are no planets in either the twelfth or the second house calculated from the Moon. However, the Moon is in the tenth house a kendra house.

This greatly neutralises the Kemadruma yoga. Now we shall discuss the scissors yogas of the Sun. Planets in the second or the twelfth house calculated from the Sun, will strengthen the Sun naturally in their own manner, according to their character. Kennedy had both a benefic and a malefic in the twelfth house calculated from the Sun.

He was intelligent the influence of Mercury , but the fact that he was murdered had something to do with the powerful malefic Mars in a moolatrikona house in the eighth house, which is the twelfth house calculated from the Sun. This very same Mars also gave him his sex appeal. The eighth house represents death as well as sexual charisma.

A powerful Mars in that house can lead to a violent death Mars as powerful malefic as well as a lot of sexual charisma. The Voshi yoga increases the above effects. It would be logical to expect a yoga when there are no planets in the second or the twelfth house calculated from the Sun. This is not the case. The Sun is in itself, a powerful planet, and it can function very well alone, without the support of other planets.


A benefic in the vicinity is always appreciated, but it is not necessary. I have already explained that there are literally thousands of yogas. One must realise that this is only a very small selection. For those who wish to learn more on this subject, I refer to the list of books for further reading. The book 'yogas in Astrology' by K. The book written by Hart deFouw also gives a lot of attention to this subject. Example: With an Aries ascendant, the Moon is lord of the fourth house and the Sun is lord of the fifth house.

Should the Sun and the Moon be in conjunction in a horoscope with an Aries ascendant, the two planets then form a raja yoga. In this case, the Moon is lord of a kendra house the fourth and the Sun is lord of a trikona house the fifth. A benefic in the seventh house will of course lead to a better functioning of that house. However, the seventh house is opposite the Ascendant. Because of this, it also has consequences for the functioning of the ascendant. When a planet is placed in the seventh house, it will aspect the first house.