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One-on-one relating is highlighted. You might have difficulty getting past a problem without a partner or close associate pitching in. You might not have all the ideas, but you certainly present several viable solutions. Listen to others' ideas as well. Tonight: Choose your direction after a discussion.

Defer to another person while being aware of the possibilities that surround you.

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How you make a difference will be through openness and responsiveness. You could be taken aback by the speed of events. Tonight: Do not worry; all will turn in your favour.

Your ability to dig in and get to the root of a problem emerges. Others cheer you on as they think you are heading in the right direction. Pace yourself, listen and be aware.

You can't go wrong. Tonight: Do not push too hard.

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Your imagination adds some intriguing twists and turns to what seems inevitable. You like what emerges and enjoy considering all the possibilities. With a friend or in a group meeting, a discussion points the way. Tonight: Where the fun is. Given the circumstances, you could be out of sorts and unsure of what is best.

Inevitably, when you toss the issue out so others can give you feedback, solutions appear. Brainstorm away. Tonight: At home.

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Get together with associates and you will receive powerful feedback. Do a better job of listening when others come to you. Tonight: Let it all hang out. Toronto's elites mostly remained silent instead of defending the mayor. This "story" is ridiculous. No Drake? But the club also has a history of appearing to give favours to Ford in exchange for its favourable lease at Exhibition Place.

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