Sagittarius monkey compatibility

He needs the same free-looking girl, like himself. He likes learning something new, experiencing unusual emotions and receiving real satisfaction. He has an amazing ability to dispel all the clouds, creating an optimistic mood in the house. It will be almost impossible to quarrel with him at the domestic level, since he is not particularly obsessed with it. Despite all his love and special attitude, even with the advent of children, he will not give up his hobbies and will try to continue his career and the embodiment of his goals and desires.

Aries Born in Year of the Monkey

Due to his overstated requirements for a partner, he marries in adulthood. This is a good approach, since he begins to treat the family and his duties differently. He really takes care of every member of his family, trying to guess their needs and needs. This is an affectionate and considerate partner who will support his family in any difficult situation.

Career for them means several other achievements. They are aimed at the implementation of large projects, so sometimes they remain free creators.

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They are interested only in large and knowingly successful projects. After completing such a project, they feel happy. In addition, they receive a good reward, so throughout life they will not feel any need. These men are encouraged to follow a simpler line of behavior. With close people you should not show only the overwhelming beginning. They have a knack for communicating with others and excel in languages and information technology. These Monkeys can deal with all types of people with ease and grace. They work hard and apply their practicality to their work.

Wood Element expresses imagination, creativity and compassion. Also represents the family and artistic theory. The nature of wood is move upwards toward the light, to spread and expand. Wood Element people have high-minded values and believe in the dignity of every human being. The Element also brings cooperation, so people born under this element understand the value of teamwork and excel in organising large projects.

They are progressive thinkers and far sighted in their goals and ventures. The Wood Element endows each with natural presence; however, Wood is also incendiary and capable of producing a combustible temper. Fire gives the Monkey extra determination. It gives him stamina and strength and durability. These people want the upper hand at all times, even in relationships.

These Monkeys can also be fickle when choosing a partner, but once they do, their partners will fall fast in live with them. They will continue their climb to the top of the ladder until they get there and are generally well-liked among co-workers and friends. The Fire Element expresses dynamic passion, energy, aggression and leadership.

The nature of fire is to arouse, convert,consume, resolve and bring out an outcome. This Element will tend to multiply signs inborn talents and energies. Fire Element people have the gifts of leadership, passion and assertiveness. Fire Element souls have an abundance of energy that produces impatience. This Element also represents the ability to be decisive, to lead and to act spontaneously without forethought. Fire punctuates each sign with an exclamation mark!

These Monkeys are pretty by-the-book. They are diligent, motivated individuals, honest and trustworthy.

They are calm and collected, genuinely concerned for the betterment of others. They are serious about their occupations and their friendships and are more dependable than most. Earth Monkeys devote themselves completely to causes and people they love and believe in. They demand respect and can pitch a fit if not shown what they believe they deserve. The Earth Element expresses stability, reliability and common sense. Those born under the Earth Element are both practical and industrious.

They have exceptional powers of organisation and are competent masterminds and executives.

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Honest, serious and conservative, Earth Element people are capable of making wise decisions. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

My Eden Project You will be your greatest adventure! My Eden Project. In spite of his witty intelligence, people find him innocent, well-disposed, highly approachable. He is mostly recognizable by his angelic smile. He has a nervous, somewhat hopping gait. His body is generally slender but not too long. The Monkey male is by no means an effeminate man as are his Snake and Goat counterparts.

However, one cannot help being struck by the softness of his look and the fineness of his features. In fact, his face faithfully reflects his tolerant, sympathetic soul. But as he is an emotional person despite the many indications of his personality to the contrary, this same face swiftly turn pale under the effect of surprise or restrained anger. His forehead is high, surmounted with fair, light, almost mossy hair. He smiles or laughs mostly with his sparkling eyes which, at other moments, exhale astonishment and naivet.

He likes to say hello to everyone by puckering up his rounded nose in the manner of rabbits, or winking amusingly. This man shares many health characteristics with the Dragon male. Like his flashy astrological brother, he is subject to insomnia which, if not effectively combated, may become a severe handicap.

His sleep tends to deteriorate with the passing of the years, and it is in his interest to learn to make the most of his endless wakeful hours, not by fretting, but by indulging in some useful hobby such as reading, listening to good music, or photographic laboratory work.

In any case he seems to need less sleep than the average person. The mechanism of vision is almost always more or less defective in the Monkey man. This sign supplies a good horde of myopes, astigmats, and individuals suffering from eyesight anomalies of one kind or another.

But unlike the Dragon, who often fall a victim to hypertension, the Monkey man is liable to hypotension, which, among other things, makes him very sensitive to cold. With his faulty, sluggish circulation, he is exposed, on one hand, to giddiness, migraine, feelings of faintness, sudden losses of consciousness, and on the other hand, to varices, varicose ulcers, hemorrhoids, and even arteriosclerosis.

His heart may show signs of irregularity because of the weakness of his blood vessels. In addition, anemia frequently comes to complicate his health condition. This usually soft-spoken and indulgent nature may have sudden fits of anger which are hard to account for and which he will bitterly regret afterwards. Also, it is not impossible for him to display a paranoiac comportment from time to time.

All told, though not endowed with a robust constitution, the typical Monkey man does enjoy relatively good health. If he is prudent enough, he will rarely be compelled to keep his bed. Unfortunately, he often shows himself impardonably oblivious of the practical side of life, neglecting to take care of himself as he should. Is his chronic absent-mindedness responsible for his carelessness? The native must above all secure his vital minimum of sleep, for it is through sleep that he can preserve a good part of his physiological equilibrium. In all logic, he must avoid coffee, tea, tense situations, and in general anything which may jeopardize the smooth functioning of his nervous system.

Fatigable because of his shaky cardiovascular apparatus, the Monkey man will find his interest in avoiding to overwork himself. Constant surveillance by a cardiologist is recommended. Boredom being the worst enemy of his well-being, he will need to change activities frequently or, if this is not possible, to pause at short intervals during his work.

In any case, it is preferable that he be his own employer. To keep himself fit, he can practice some sport that requires adroitness and mental alertness such as skiing, lawn tennis, table tennis, or fencing. But he is advised against more strenuous sport because of his fatigability. His diet must imperatively be as diversified as possible. This recommendation is of the utmost importance in view not only of his health requirements but also of his inveterate tendency to eat the same things day in and day out — he is always reluctant to devote his time to thinking of changing his menus.

Given his pathological predispositions, the Monkey man should regularly eat foods that are rich in phosphor such as fishes and oysters, in magnesium such as dried vegetables, in iron, and in vitamins. All fruits, fresh or dried, can prove most beneficial to him. The difficulty does not reside in some kind of unpredictability as is the case with the Goat male — he is perfectly foreseeable — but in his innumerable, inextricable paradoxes and contradictions.

This is a highly complex personality who, however, displays all appearances of simplicity. While essentially cerebral, moved by his head, he reacts almost exclusively with his heart — whence his incredible incoherence. Photographing the Goat, so to speak, astrologers are confronted with the problem of ever-changing lighting conditions; but when they do the Monkey, a careful dosage of the contrasting colours should be exercised so that neither the lights nor the shades are given undue emphasis. Under no circumstance does he accept to forgo his insistence on being his own master.

He abhors any limitation on his freedom of thought or action: He must be the wind, or he will die! The Monkey man is one — most probably the only one — who zealously spends his whole existence blasting old customs and outdated ideas as well as battling against retrograde minds. His non-conformism is in all appearance total and uncompromising.

Progressive-minded, he acts as if he were born with the mission to being change into the world. Conventional marriage tanks high on the list of his targets as he considers it an old-fashioned institution responsible for many perfectly avoidable evils. But all the while he wants the universe and everyone around him to change, he tends to cling to his own basic attitude — it is perhaps not because of his inability to modify his stands but because of his self-righteousness.

Moreover, he seems to hold some respect for his elders. We are putting our finger here on one of his countless inconsistencies, which are quite understandable to us once we have been informed of his incongruousness. He only wants to think and act in his own way, according to his own penchant, completely off beaten tracks of every description.

Not vitally concerned with his own image — he could not care less about the opinions of others — he delights in shocking people by his singular manner of speech and outlandish behavior. To many, he appears just plain wacky; to others, his excessive individuality — say, his eccentricity — is a subject of either amusement or irritation. In any case, everyone finds him mystifying because of his exaggerated love of utopia, his unbelievable lack of realism and practicality. On the contrary, the idiosyncrasies of people he meets, however weird they may be, never surprise or trouble him because he takes them completely for granted.

However, under the facade of his defying oddity and strangeness, there do exist some familiar shadows. For instance, being very young in spirit, he thinks it is unworthy to worry about money and likes to make fun heartily of penny-pinchers; yet he may from time to time surprise himself in the process of counting and calculating! One thing is certain: One never gets bored in his company. Few people would equal him in intellectual curiosity.

Fired with an unquenchable desire for knowledge, he deems everything good to know, including the most unpleasant truths. He is particularly enthusiastic about all things new or unorthodox, refusing to place them under any kind of moral or religious scrutiny — no doubt many heretics burned by the Inquisition were Monkeys.

He loves to be the first one to hit upon some idea, to do something, to embark on some practice, even if this may mean that he will get scorched in the process. The Monkey man is aided in his perpetual quest for novelty by his many relevant qualities. He has enough humility to be willing to learn from all those who have something interesting to tell or teach him. His natural ability to be detached and unemotional helps him keep his already sharp mind always open to anything, while his breadth of vision protects him from being a sterile hair-splitter.

Last but not least, he has no bias whatsoever against women — one would have difficulty finding a trace of misogyny in this man, who readily bows to females if these have something to interest him with. Unfortunately, there are quite a few shadows scattered throughout the sunlight. For example, the native of the Monkey cannot help putting his nose into the affairs of other people, thereby tightly earning the reputation of being a professional meddler.

He cannot either help trying over-explain everything he knows to his fellow men and women, even against their wishes, because he feels that everyone is more or less dumb while the only smart person on earth is he himself. It is impossible for a casual observer to understand why this man, who is a keen student of human behavior and can predict the outcome of actions and situations with outstanding accuracy, can at times display so surprising credulity and naivet.

Routine in any form is death to this man as he considers life meaningless without variety and unexpected events. He adores surprises of every kind — a bad surprise is to his eyes even better than no surprise at all — and can adapt himself effortlessly to any situation which may arise. It is why he is constantly on the lookout for new adventures.

He could perfectly slam the door against his boss or throw up a good job on the spur of the moment without any regard for possible consequences. His deliberate, systematic search for new, unforeseen situations stems from his unshakable belief that every experience is good to go through; even the worst tragedies happening to him cannot grieve him much because he looks on them as mere challenges, moreover convinced that misfortune contains seeds of happiness.

No wonder why he never feels regret or self-pity; no wonder also why he resolutely turns his back to the past — to him, only tomorrow holds the greatest excitement. What makes this individual a fascinating person is perhaps not his mind but his heart, which is blessed with some rare qualities.

Fundamentally good-natured and kind, he is a humanitarian whose energies are directed toward the alleviation of all unhappiness and evil in this wicked world. Your associates will be a source of encouragement this year. As creative individuals, Monkeys can also pursue business ventures from home.

Sagittarius Sun, Year of the Monkey

Take something you love and turn it into a business, anything from writing to entertaining. Just be careful in choosing your partners because you might face betrayal in the workplace. Use your smarts to your advantage. With perseverance, you will be able to accomplish any task thrown at you. Be wary of making a hasty career change.

Weigh the pros and cons before jumping to a new field of study. Although this year has a generally good outlook for health, the thing to focus on is stress. Because Monkeys tend to be easily angered and agitated, it is vital to maintain a balanced mental state. Take a yoga class at your local gym or find a meditation guru to help with mindfulness—anything to lower your heightened emotions. Remember that a mental imbalance can affect everything from your career to your relationship. Monkeys are active individuals and will not have to work hard to achieve good health.

Keep doing your regular exercise routine, making sure to get enough fluids. Staying in shape helps avoid any sickness from changing weather patterns throughout the year.

Sagittarius and his entourage

Colds might be cause for concern though. Fruits and vegetables loaded with vitamin C will be necessary for good health. The Year of the Rat offers a good outlook for relationships. Your qualities will shine brightly this year, and suitors will take notice. Show off your best character traits of friendliness, fun, and intelligence. You will attract a mate in no time! Singles should have no problem finding love this year, as people will notice your good nature and be drawn to your personality. Couples will enjoy a continued happy year together.

You will not have to worry about outside influences on your marriage. Your relationship will be immovable, rock-solid for the year. In the Year of the Rat, Monkeys will face challenges in their career but benefit in other areas. This year will be about balancing stress and using your skills to your advantage. To get through the lousy parts of the year, focus on strengthening your mental health.

Control your irritability and stubborn qualities.

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If you can accomplish these things, you will be able to enjoy this year to its fullest. This year however, Monkeys can expect better outcomes. Monkeys share a fun-seeking vibe with the Pig, and this theme will be a prominent feature in as Monkeys forget the hardships of the past few years. However, it is important to take less risks in as the Pig is not as reckless as Monkeys and not prone to radical behavior or mindless fun, which Monkeys are somewhat famous for. The career prediction for Monkeys in unveils a fiscally positive forecast for the year ahead. Monkeys will enjoy a solid year of career growth and some positive gains throughout ; though it will come at the cost of hard work and determination.

Going hand in hand, the financial forecast for Monkeys in reveals a good year ahead with some unexpected windfalls throughout. Monkeys will make up for it by proving their worth with their aggressive, yet optimistic nature. Education will be somewhat problematic for Monkeys in with challenges pervading one or more subjects, making this year seem impossible from the start. Rest assured, relationships with classmates and teachers will help you pull through this rough patch and you will emerge mostly unscathed on the other side.

Unfortunately, the health forecast for Monkeys is the unluckiest outlook on your horizon. You will have to pay close attention to minor ailments such as colds or the flu to keep them from developing into anything major. Take time to exercise and maintain a healthy diet to keep your immune system strong. Make sure to maintain your vitamin intake as well for added protection and general wellbeing.

The Monkey horoscope for reveals many eligible suitors pining for your affection, regardless of your gender.