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We run into problems only when there is an overabundance of them. Quintiles: Dividing the Circle by Five. The meaning of five is complex.

Meanings of the Aspects

This fifth point acts as a funnel through which concentrated higher energies can flow down into manifest reality. The five is considered creative and is associated with the Sun Leo. It is made up of the energy of duality the 2 transcended by the 3. Natally, quintiles indicate gifts—the two planets can use their qualities in a beneficial, creative manner. In synastry, between charts, quintiles can produce an almost otherworldly understanding of the way the individual planets are operating. If my Saturn is quintile your Venus, you will have an innate compassion for my Saturn issues, and I will instinctively know how to support your Venus.

Loves that continue long after the affair is over are often quintile loves. They have to do with Higher Mind the 3 entering the manifest reality of the four. In essence, they are about higher guidance and contact with the divine mind.

Quintile Aspects with Faye Cossar

Where the septiles are concerned, we have the ability to see beyond the mundane. They are less compassionate and more observant than the quintile series. The septiles give us the ability to know what the right move is at any given time. In this way, septiles can be a bit ruthless. Septiles between charts behave somewhat like high-powered lamps pointed at the planets. Where noviles are concerned, we will experience each planet in a new way, and it will be a revelation.

The number 9 represents completion, and preparation for the new beginning that will begin again at the 1. Noviles often take us by surprise, and push us further up the ladder of our conscious evolution whether we like it or not. Noviles are about wisdom, and the responsibility of using that wisdom.

When noviles are dominant, life can change in surprising and unexpected ways, but never without added responsibility.

Minor Aspects: Part One

When noviles are active between charts, we push one another forward. If there are a number of them between charts, they can be either stimulating or annoying, depending on how much we like to be nagged in spiritual terms. Noviles between charts can make us feel as if the other person is always expecting more from us. With noviles dominant, we can feel as if we have a purpose together, and may find it easier to share our individual growth processes.

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Of the three aspects, I find that noviles and quintiles are more tangible than septiles. Dawn has studied astrology since the age of twelve, and has been a practicing astrologer for over twenty years. Her studies in Jungian psychology, alchemy, and Buddhist philosophy inform her work. Though she is currently living in the New York City area, she considers London her home. For instance, all the people with minor Mercury-Saturn aspects reported uncannily similar issues around feeling inadequate in various forms of communication as those expressed by people with major Mercury-Saturn aspects.

By: Donna Cunningham on October 3, at am. So of course, I was curious. Thank you for confirming that I was right. I just thought of something. Have you written anything about the 24 degree or degree Quindecile aspect s? If not, do you have an opinion on those? Hi, Robin. And in 5th harmonic Sun conjunct-Mercury is closest luminary, also moon Mercury close too. I am not following. It's not an "on-off" switch. And a good rule of them, especially with experimental things and things new to you, is to be conservative - give yourself the fewest data points, not the most.

In your case, I concentrated on the items that were closest orbs and primarily quintiles and, to a lesser extent, deciles. The "squares," with one exception, were larger orbs, and the one "square" aspect didn't add much that would be easy to discern. On the "less is better than more" philosophy, I tipped you toward a cautions, conservative exploration, not an expansive one. Did I make this chart correctly? Am I reading this correctly? I see the following: Jupiter conjunct Uranus, but it's weak. Mercury conjunct Saturn, but it's weaker, just outside of 10 degrees.

Sun opposite Neptune Jupiter square Pluto Assuming all that's correct, would you give the opposition and square more importance because they're closer, or would you still give the conjunctions more importance because they're conjunctions even though they are weak? Sun opposite Neptune Jupiter square Pluto. Assuming all that's correct, would you give the opposition and square more importance because they're closer, or would you still give the conjunctions more importance because they're conjunctions even though they are weak?

Thank you Jim. I do understand the 'less is more' approach in my case. I re-read everything and I do understand more. In following the research and logic of the 5th harmonic chart- quintile conjunction , half opposition and quarter square.

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Quintile Sun-Moon 2. So what would you make if this? It's the same, say, for my Venus-Pluto and Mars-Neptune squares. Mine came up with - Jupiter square Pluto Sun opposite Neptune And I'm kind of dumbfounded as I'm thinking about this 5th Harmonic chart having to do with self-actualization. But here are the thoughts: Oh my god.

Of course. And these are precisely the things that are powerfully psychologically important to me to express as well as the things that set me at odds with everyone else.

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And, yes, tUranus conjunct my nSun moves partile tomorrow. I can relate to your description in that it is like a 'of course' realization!. It is important to understand the 'individualism' or whatever, you are recognizing per 5th harmonic reflects the aspects of Jupiter-Pluto and Sun-Neptune. Pluto and Neptune are malefic. For example, I have a Sun-Moon and Venus-Uranus 5th harmonic and so the logic goes these aspects reveal themselves to me through out life. But these are benefic, and it is apparent.

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The only quintile I see in his upcoming solar is Jupiter-Saturn. So I looked that up in natal aspects here. Jim, I think you hit the nail head dead center there. Lance I assume you've already read these, but here are the links to Jim's interpretations: Jupiter-Pluto Sun-Neptune I don't see Pluto as malefic in natal astrology at all, and Neptune depends on it's aspects and how you learn to express that energy. Thank you. I'm really taken with Jim's interpretation for the quintile family of aspects. Love hurts when these planets blend together.

Also, the native with such an aspect is very willing to sacrifice his or her life for the partner too and will often feel obliged to help the other. Whatever the aspect, both planets together never indicate a flamboyant love union. Instead, it's one of deep and loyal friendship, responsibility, trust and sincere feelings especially with the conjunction, sextile or trine. For some, this may seem to be a boring relationship, The inconjunct points to separations, divorce or deaths etc.

These are separative aspects resulting in separation, divorce or, in a more auspicious way, not seeing each other often. The other Venus aspects to Uranus are freedom-loving too but can handle it in a more charming way. The native cannot stand to be too long with someone else or with the same person.

The relationship cools down quickly when the emotional bond grows.

There often is love at first sight but also short-lived love experiences. All Venus aspects to Uranus are related to dancing and rhythms -- which the natives love. In many ways, both planets together bring something weird or unusual to the relationship: a huge age difference with your lover, a lover from a totally different social background or culture, extreme physical differences, etc.

Venus-Neptune Most Venus aspects to Neptune are more related to artistic and creative characteristics so that love is lived on a more supra-personal higher level. In many instances, the native has it difficult to live in reality and builds dreams resulting in too high expectations and disappointments. The native is not too much interested in sex but can live love in a platonic way. Both planets together are about non-physical romance.

The opposition aspect denotes love that dissolves or that is totally out of reach. The sesquiquadrate is related to lots of love's sorrow and tearful love experiences. Expect many deceptions in love before meeting Mr. Venus-Pluto All Venus aspects to Pluto bring indulging intensity in your relationships and love life. In lots of cases jealousy and possessiveness mark the relationship. Love unions may have cobweb-like traits, resulting in unhealthy and devastating entanglements. Both planets blended together may denote a huge fear of rejection, often resulting in clingy and sticky behavior either from the native or from the partner.

You may get easily absorbed by other people and may not be able to let go, denoting that you may be influenced by "the other" the more so if the aspect is exact. Eating disorders are not uncommon with the exact aspects, often resulting in issues about weight. Also, relationships tend to change over and over from love into hate, hot into ice- cold.


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Any Venus aspect to Pluto creates a guilty feeling towards the love union. The inconjunct often denotes the death of a lover and denotes a severe emotional burden. The opposition is highly forceful and emotionally pushy. The square aspect between both planets is quite ruthless. Read Free For 30 Days. Venus Aspects in the Natal Chart. Description: Venus Aspects in the Natal Chart. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Venus Aspects In The Natal Chart Venus aspects describe your relationships in a general sense more than you might think.