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Comments: Capricorn Monkey Personality. Sasha Mischievous, clever and getting younger as I get older. Love being a Capricorn monkey!

2016 Horoscope Year of the Fire Monkey

Plus hard workers notice other hard workers Wrenchman Capricorn monkeys are natural born mystics with a gut feeling for enlightenment, an oracle told me to read the sacred texts. A "feast for thought". SMIT I totally agree here. I have relied on a gut feeling and never let me down. Bella "A Capricorn Monkey usually likes to do and say things properly and in order of priority.

12222 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Rooster

This is automatic and unnoticeable and they are often rather good at controlling this. I'm more self-confident since told my inner critic to take a seat in the back and let me enjoy just BEING! Eric I'm working at being less self-conscious but it is difficult process. Karl Here here!!!! Weirdo Proud to be a capricorn monkey it was very accurate;. Andrew Well, I am a monkey Capricorn. Definitively very devoted to people close to me, however sometimes disappointed as not everyone reciprocate.

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Amazing connection with dragon Lions, Capricorns, horses and pigs. Rather complicated with snakes, cows, rabbits and sometime monkeys..

No connection at all with many tiguers and mice. I guess we are special. Somewhere I read that we are very different from the rest of the worl, when acting sometimes like machines, perhaps with a unique operational system.