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Some are self-sacrificing healers, while others have a God complex and are cunning and manipulative in seeking power and control over others. However, all have a mysterious nature that draws people to them.

The second decan of Scorpio is represented in a Tarot deck by the Six of Cups. The keywords are forgiveness, peace, and harmony. Those born during the last ten days of the Sun's passage through Scorpio have emotional integrity, trust every feeling they have, and are seldom willing to compromise. They can be self-sacrificing and take care of people they're close to, but they also have sensitive natures and are easily hurt. Though they won't openly show the pain, they'll never forget and when the time is right, they'll take their revenge.

If the Moon is challenged, it's not uncommon for them to bury their emotions and feel lost, lonely, and abandoned. If the Moon is well placed, the painful emotions are easier to access and examine, allowing them to find forgiveness and acceptance for both themselves and others. They have the potential to be sensitive do-gooders who can speak or write with incredible force and compassionate eloquence, plus have they a unique, charismatic charm that makes them very effective when they are working with a group or for something in which they believe.

The third decan of Scorpio is represented in a tarot deck by the Seven of Cups. Keywords are soul searching, finding out where you fit in, and self-examination. A progressed chart is an extension of your birth chart.

Cancer Decan 3 Horoscope 12222

Often referred to as personal transits, the slow-moving progressions show your inner growth and evolution over the years. All the planets and points in a birth chart progress. A day equals a year is shown in Solar Arc progressions where the Sun moves forward one degree for each year from the day of your birth. If you were born with the Sun on any later degree, you subtract that degree from thirty to determine how old you were or will be when your Sun first progresses into a new sign. The progressed Sun will move through two or three signs during a lifetime.

Astrotheme has a tool that can calculate the current sign and degree of your progressed Sun. In that context, there could be sorrow, loss, grief, and suffering during these years that could leave you either fearful or fearless when your Scorpio progressed Sun moves into the second decan. Note: Anyone born just after the Sun enters Scorpio will have this progressed decan from birth until the Sun progresses into the second decan. Every Libra Sun will progress into the Scorpio's first decan sometime before they are thirty years old. It's also likely that every Virgo will have to deal with Scorpio's first decan before they are sixty.

It's during these years you gradually come to realize that "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and if the Sun's progression through the second decan is successful, you will have come to the realization that everything happens for a reason and have developed faith and confidence in yourself, in others and in life.

This is the time when Scorpios can potentially find their place and purpose in the world of others. Note: Sometime before they are 30, every Scorpio's life will change dramatically when their progressing Sun leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. For someone born when the Sun was in Scorpio, this solar progression can be like a bright light is suddenly turned on and they are freed from their long dark night of the soul.

While it's easy to understand what a decan is and how it affects the astrological sign of Scorpio , it's harder to interpret just what the impact of the decans will have on a particular individual. This would involve an analysis of the entire birth chart by a competent astrologer who will also take into consideration the position of the planets , their aspects , and influences, plus other astrological elements.

All Rights Reserved. There may be martial honors but danger of losing them. The Sun is high in the sky and lovingly shining its rays on all flora and fauna.

Cancer Second Decan (July 2nd - 12th)

The Sun Cancer 1 nurtures with its light and is generous with its rays. These people are often seen as a glowing ray of hope in a dull, unkind world. They are the do-gooders and doting parents. This is not always the most practical carer energy, but more of a radiant, emotional supporter. Yes, Cancer is lunar, but it is definitely an extroverted, divine goddess energy. The Sun here conjures up images of dancing in golden fields.

Monthly Horoscope: Predictions for Cancer

Life is lush and we are enjoying the first fruits of the summer. Sometimes a traumatic event occurs in this persons life that puts an end to the heady, carefree days. Suddenly they wake up to the fact some people in the world are living in a cruel winter. The graphic is correct on the website.

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The 4 of Cups appears in the PDF. I am a Sun Cancer decan 1 with a full 4th house and Asc in Cancer Decan 3 there are many depths to my Cancer energies but this nailed the rays of which those I have known closely tend to remember me by.

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I enjoyed this immensely. Just turning 70 in 4 weeks. Could this be my life opening up?! I am anxiously awaiting the E-book for Cancer! Mars in 1st decan Taurus. Lots of 1st decans! Checkout man in the media of the moment, Edward Snowden June Darkstar is spot on again…fascinating. Very validating and insightful, thank you.

Totally overlooked this post, then remembered son has decan1 asc. You have described him to a T — I never really saw anything I thought of as Cancerish in his behaviour. He NEVER stops talking, even in his sleep — he was literally born murmuring, which alarmed the midwife. He is obsessed with media, trained in TV production and film, wants to be a sniper.