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Astrology can neither be used to predict future events, nor to assess your degree of morality or intelligence, nor to indicate whom you might become friends or lovers with. The zodiac has nothing to do with star constellations. Your solar sign and rising sign might be completely irrelevant to your personality features.

Astrology can give a very detailed view over what are personality features, and which environmental stimulations you give high or low priorities to. Meenakshi Mathur argues that winning is nothing but a habit that can be inculcated. Channel Angelina Jolie and opt for looks that are classic and tailored, to balance out the flow of creativity that will hopefully be pouring out of you in October.

Each one is a piece in and of itself. On the 23rd, start to transform playtime into work time. Seriousness and intensity are not your usual traits, but the end of the month is an appropriate time to explore them. Cancerian Lindsay Lohan is known for her mood swings, like many born under the sign of Cancer. Otherwise your environment is going to feel unbalanced. Imagine with each piece that you are equally letting go of every story and experience you have lived in that piece of clothing.

You might even want to redecorate, or at least be sure that there is beauty in every room. Mid-month is a good time to be around your family. This can be anyone that feels like family to you, like your immediate community, but if you are disconnected from blood relations you have an opportunity to consider why this disconnect exists. On the new moon on the 23rd, go back into the bedroom if your sex life has gotten lost behind all that hard work and house cleaning.

A sexy outfit could go a long way now towards supporting your self-confidence, something that many Cancers are often in need of. You might start to have more energy to commit in a new or already existing partnership, because you can finally see the value of commitment. And, most importantly, you finally feel like you are appreciated.

You are your own greatest lover. This sign is fascinating to watch because they move so fast and change at such a rapid pace. Case in point: Leo Kylie Jenner. This is a good month to borrow or inherit clothing from your friends, or even to hold a clothing swap. Try out a new makeup look , and see huge changes. Starting on the 4th, it may actually feel challenging for you to communicate with others, but it will serve you well to work through any misunderstandings. Slow down, speak clearly, and speak from the heart. Remember to have compassion for others.

Use the full moon energy on the 8th to work on crafts or smaller creative projects. There are deeper aspects of yourself that you often guard, but you are learning the beauty of sharing them with others. On the new moon on the 23rd, spend some time alone at home. Give some thought to what home means for you, and whether or not it is a space that allows these deeper aspects of yourself to emerge.

Give back all the clothing you borrowed or give it away sorry but the stars say so , and buy something completely new that is outside of your comfort zone. This is the sign most connected to the earth and nature. Do you love yourself? What was your first reaction when I asked you that question? Do you have a sense of what that might even be like? This month is all about you loving yourself. Book a massage, go for a walk in nature, go to a yoga class and cook as many meals for yourself as possible.

In your style, emphasize clean lines and structure. Put the patterns at the back of your closet and focus on a more classic, neutral look. While you are cooking and walking and going to yoga, listen to what is underneath the hum of your own mind. You will find both stillness and intuition. And if you notice any power struggles on the full moon on the 8th, acknowledge your part in the story and then return to the stillness.

By mid-month you will really start to hear what I am talking about. Use this focused energy if your finances need balancing, too. You might be able to stretch your budget enough to fill out your classic style for the month. The last part of the month is all about sharing for you. This might even mean sharing some of your inner experience of stillness.


You might be surprised at how well you can communicate that now. Happy birthday! What do you really desire? Where do you really stand in a conversation? What is your path in life?

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This is also your month to look beautiful. Take some cues from your sign twin, Kim Kardashian , and go full-on glam as much as you can stand. If you own gold and silver, wear it every day. Wear your formal attire to brunch. Wear an extravagant hat. Whatever you do, do it up in a big way.

Instead of arguing your way through the first week of the month, take a pause each time you are about to speak. Question why you say what you say. Ask yourself where, or who, these thoughts are really coming from. You can find the clues in how others respond or react to you. By the 16th you will start to find your voice. Spend some quiet time on the new moon on the 23rd so that you can integrate the extroverted experiences of the past few weeks. I know that silence and stillness at home are rare for you, but it allows you to emerge from the polite exterior. If there is new or existing love in your life from the 25th until the end of the month, resist the temptation to act strongly on it.

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